The Institute

For Vale, living the culture enables people to broaden their knowledge, their world view and creates new perspectives for the future. In this sense, for almost two decades the company has been investing and seeking to foster the multiple Brazilian cultural manifestations, in all their diversity. With the purpose of enhancing Vale's performance in culture, valuing heritage, democratizing access, and fostering artistic expressions, the Vale Cultural Institute was created in 2020.

Its performance - in its own museums and cultural centers, in the preservation and valorization of material and immaterial heritages and in the multiple artistic manifestations that it performs or promotes - is sustained by the vision that culture is an instrument of social transformation, capable of generating a positive impact on people's lives and building a legacy for future generations.

The Governance Structure of the Vale Cultural Institute is composed of: Strategic Council, Fiscal Council, Executive Board and a panel of experts.


Governance Structure

The Governance Structure of the Vale Cultural Institute is composed of: Executive Board, Expert Panel and Fiscal Council:

Executive Board

  • Hugo Guimarães Barreto Filho
    President Director
  • Flavia Martins Constant
  • Christiana de Saldanha da Gama de Moura Vianna

Panel of Experts

  • Luiz Eduardo Froes do Amaral Osorio
  • Andrea Ramal
  • Eduardo Saron
  • Eliana Sousa Silva
  • Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda
  • Marcelo Moura
  • Marcos da Veiga Pereira
  • Rodrigo Mendes

Fiscal Council

  • Rodrigo Lauria de Castro Loureiro
  • Benjamin Élio Moro
  • Bruno de Souza Manso