The Vale Maranhão Cultural Center was inaugurated in 2017 and occupies a colonial mansion located in the historic center of São Luís, Maranhão. In dialogue with the surroundings, it keeps its doors open to all audiences, promoting creations and proposals from artists and producers of local culture.

The program includes several actions, prioritizing the exchange between the culture of Maranhão and other places. Exhibitions, workshops, performances, projections and film production, lectures, launches and festivals are thought especially for its visitors, inviting them to celebrate art and culture.

History and Art: African Masks Course

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Photo Gallery

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Open Courtyard Notice: presentation Bumba Boi

Battle of the bboy, at Kebrada Festival

Workshop Collection of points by hand, with old techniques passed by generations

Varrendo [Pushing Broom] Exhibition – Broomsticks and sweepers from Maranhão, with pieces produced by 70 artisans from 36 municipalities

“Open Talk” meeting with poet Carlos Assumpção at CCVM

Stickerart workshop at CCVM

Notice dance here: Group of dancers during workshop with Lucas Montty, at CCVM

Exhibition Networks Showcase Map at Vale Maranhão Cultural Center


Robson Luís Silva de Sousa has been a caboclo de pena (feathered caboclo) for 30 years at Boi da Madre Deus, in São Luís. Coreografias Maranhenses is a project that focuses on highlighting and recording the dance of the popular culture of Maranhão due to its strength and diversity. The project includes documentaries and videos in which dancers are invited to talk about their art and make individual performances.