The Vale Cultural Institute, in partnership with public and private institutions, supports and develops projects for the protection and promotion of cultural goods – be they buildings, monuments, or entertainment, dances, music, crafts and knowledge – and their memories.

It is involved in emblematic initiatives for Brazil, such as the reconstruction projects of the National Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, and the Ipiranga Museum, in São Paulo. It supports, among other initiatives, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and the Inhotim Institute in Minas Gerais.

Photo Gallery

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Aerial view of Inhotim, Institute with one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the country. Hélio Oiticica, Color Invention, Penetrable Magic Square #5, De Luxe, 1977, painting on masonry walls, metal and glass roof, 15x15x4.5m. Photo: Marcelo Coelho

Facade of the Ipiranga Museum, currently under maintenance – oldest public museum in the city of São Paulo