Vale and the Vale Cultural Institute [“Instituto Cultural Vale”] selected the projects that will receive funding via the Culture Incentive Law (LIC) in 2020, for initiatives implemented throughout 2021. The total number of sponsorships increased significantly in relation to the transfers of 2019, reaching R$ 154 million, which allowed to triple the total number of proposals contemplated in relation to 2019. In all, 145 projects were selected, among which 77 were of direct choice and 68 by the 1st Vale Cultural Sponsorship Call, call for proposals launched in 2020. Click here the complete list with the projects selected in the announcement.

The initiatives are spread across 24 states and the Federal District. The 1st Vale Cultural Sponsorship Call, launched this year with a value initially set at R$ 20 million, had a total raised to R$ 25 million, which made it possible to contemplate a greater number of projects. The public bid projects are divided into four price ranges: up to R$ 250 thousand, up to R$ 500 thousand, up to R$ 1 million and up to R$ 2 million. Of the total, 20% of the enrolled projects were contemplated in the range of R$ 1 million to R$ 2 million, 26.8% from R$ 500 thousand to R$ 1 million, 27.2% from R$ 500 thousand to R$ 250 thousand and 25.8% up to R$ 250 thousand. A committee formed by external experts, such as artists, researchers, journalists, art critics and professionals who are a reference in several areas related to the cultural sector, was responsible for evaluating the projects, as well as Vale employees.

“Culture is the expression of a people’s soul and, by extending access to the most diverse artistic manifestations, we have also expanded the possibility of positively impacting people’s lives. We at Vale are happy to have a record number of cultural projects selected and approved for 2021”, says Luiz Eduardo Osorio, executive director of Institutional Relations, Communication and Sustainability at Vale and president of the Experts Panel at Vale Cultural Institute. “Recently launched, the Vale Cultural Institute was born with an important role in social transformation and the purpose of promoting the development of the most diverse artistic expressions, in addition to democratizing access to art and stimulating cultural production”, adds Osorio.

145 projects sponsored by Vale are distributed in the areas of heritage, music, festivities and circulation, museums and cultural centers. Among those chosen by direct selection are the 19th Flip – Paraty International Literary Festival, Osesp, the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, the Pontal Museum, the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, the Jewish Museum of São Paulo, the Mulheres de Barro group, the Bienal das Amazônias, the Galpão Group, the Inhotim Institute and the Minas Gerais Philharmonic. The selection of Chamada Vale included, among others, the project of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio and essential projects for regional culture such as the case of NALATA – International Percussion Festival, in Bahia, and the Meeting of Drum Groups of Creole of the Quilombola Communities of Maranhão. Dance is one of the highlights among sponsorships, with initiatives such as ballets, festivals and training schools such as Grupo Corpo, Cia de Dança Deborah Colker and Cia Jovem do Ballet in Rio de Janeiro, a project idealized by Dalal Achcar. 

“The investment in cultural projects for execution in 2021 reaffirms Vale’s commitment to protecting Brazilian cultural assets for over two decades.  We seek to support cultural institutions that are heritage of our country, in addition to the most diverse expressions of our art and culture. This year, we seek to promote the circulation and exchange of projects between different regions of Brazil, in addition to expanding support to producers in the regions where Vale is present. Cultural diversity is fundamental for building a future with more possibilities for the next generations”, comments Hugo Barreto, CEO of Vale Cultural Institute.  

To check the complete list of projects selected in the announcement, Click here.